Art of Self-Healing
As Founder of INNER ALCHEMY, my purpose is to guide others inward on their journey of self-healing. I provide simple, practical, life changing tools to assist in creating improved health and harmonious relations - a balanced, joyful life.    ~ Gail Galivan

MEDICAL QI GONG gently, yet powerfully, encourages the body's natural self-healing ability.

Qi (“chee", meaning vital life force) may be generated while moving, standing, sitting, or lying down. Some general applications are for stress, immunity, pain, disease, mental focus, creativity, and regeneration.

Internal qi methods cultivate and direct one’s own energy through breath and movement, or energy exercises modified to one’s ability.

External qi application is energy that is received passively through the hands of a trained Energy Medicine practitioner, a sort of "boost" for the body to self-correct.

* Private Healing Sessions
* Individual Qi Gong Energy Enhancement Instruction
* Group Classes, Workshops, Retreats, Consulting
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